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The Alexander Technique
Solutions for Back Trouble

A Lesson with Deborah Caplan, Master Teacher and Physical Therapist, introduced by William Hurt.

Special Feature: A talk by Judith C. Stern, MA, PT: "The Alexander Technique and Physical Therapy"

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In 2007, THE BALANCE OF WELL-BEING issued a revised DVD edition of SOLUTIONS FOR BACK TROUBLE, that includes a special feature: a talk by Judith C. Stern, an Alexander Technique teacher and a physical therapist. In heartfelt detail, Judy explains why, after working with back patients as a physical therapist for 18 years, she decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. The only authorized recording of lessons taught Deborah Caplan, a master Alexander Technique teacher and physical therapist, this illuminating video offers specific and practical guidance in how to help keep your back healthy and free from pain by using the Alexander Technique. It provides a brief review of the Alexander principles and clear instruction in how to use these principles in the activities of everyday life, including covers lifting and carrying packages, the proper way to work at the computer, how to avoid a "Back Attack," and what to do for your back when you sneeze!

Created for the lay person, SOLUTIONS FOR BACK TROUBLE is equally informative for members of the medical community seeking information and alternative solutions for patients suffering from back pain. Ms. Caplan spent over 35 years working in and with the medical community, helping people from all areas and stages of life: grandmothers, teenagers, performing artists, office workers, lawyers, photographers, and countless others.
"I think I have given my students a powerful tool to help themselves. I have taught them what to do and not do when their backs give them trouble, and how to reduce unnecessary stress and pain."
— Deborah Caplan
Deborah Caplan was a physical therapist and certified Alexander Technique teacher; a founding member of The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT); a member of The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT); and author of Back Trouble: A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery. Click here to learn more about Ms. Caplan's life and work.

Judith C. Stern is a physical therapist and a certified Alexander Technique teacher; a member of ACAT and AmSAT; and director of The Eighth International Congress of Alexander Teachers in Lugano, Switzerland (2008). For more information about Ms. Stern's life and work, click here.


The Alexander Technique
Clinically Proven to Alleviate Back Pain

For more than 100 years, dancers, actors, and singers have practiced the Alexander Technique, a method of self-observation where on gradually replaces pain-causing physical habits with "good-use movements" - enhancing breathing, vitality, and overall well-being. Alexander Technique can also alleviate chronic nonspecific low-back pain.

In a study of 579 patients from 64 medical practices in the UK, researchers assessed benefits provided by normal medical card (control), 6 sessions of massage, 6 or 24 lessons in the Alexander Technique, and prescriptions for exercise from doctors with nurse-delivered behavioral counseling. After 1 year, those who received 24 lessons in the Alexander Technique reported the fewest days with back pain in the past 4 weeks and the most improvement in quality of life. Such results have attracted major media coverage (The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Spirituality and Health), bringing this alternative pain treatment into the mainstream.

The Alexander Technique is usually taught one-on-one, and lessons are expensive. But now there is a cost-effective way to learn. THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: SOLUTIONS FOR BACK TROUBLE (DVD, 1:12) offers private easy-to-do instruction by master teacher and physical therapist Deborah Caplan. The first of its kind, the DVD addresses everyday activities (sitting, reading, eating, brushing your teeth) using real people (a singer, a photographer, a lawyer, a grandmother, a dancer and a teacher).

This DVD, as well as FIRST LESSON with actor William Hurt and FOR DANCERS: THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, will be of great interest to a population that spends $86 billion a year on everything form MRIs to prescription drugs in search of pain relief and has become an audience of a legion of back-pain books.

To read the clinical study, go to the August 19, 2008 issue of the British Medical Journal at

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