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For Dancers
The Alexander Technique

This 2-disc set contains specific instruction in what the Alexander Technique is and how dancers can use it to improve alignment, strengthen technique, work without injury, lengthen careers and dance with greater joy and passion.

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FOR DANCERS is a project dear to my heart. After retiring from a 25-year-long career as a professional dancer, I have had the privilege, over the past 30 years, of teaching the Alexander Technique to dancers. This 2-disc set distills the lessons I've gained though those years of experience. Dancers, they are for you! They are for dancers who teach, as an aid to helping your students solve problems, as well as an opportunity to look at dance in a different, but no less resonant way. They are also for Alexander teachers, as a resource in working with dancers. It is my sincere wish that FOR DANCERS will make the Alexander Technique an intrinsic part of the dancers' domain and bring the field one step closer to longer, healthier, more dynamic careers for dancers.


The Alexander Technique in Core Movement
Disc 1 introduces the Technique through dance movement common to all kinds of dance, with a particular focus on alignment, plié, tendu, extension, bending, twisting, arms and jumping. The final section offers a Quick Reference to the Alexander Principles.

Photo DISC 2

Disc 2 is divided into three chapters:

1. A Class—Some Unanswered Questions
The Juilliard School Dance Division students ask questions about various issues that affect their personal work and training. These include breathing, how to sit on the floor, how to improve turnout and work on arabesque, among others.

2. A Conversation With Dancers
Professional dancers Brock Labrenz, Gelan Lampert, Jr., and Heidi Stoeckley describe how they use the Alexander Technique in three different choreographic styles: Martha Graham, Bob Fosse, and William Forsythe.

3. More About F.M. Alexander
Archival film footage and photographs that take us a little closer to the originator of this extraordinary technique.

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