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Marianna Rosett, piano

Each set contains two
hours of music

THE BALANCE OF WELL-BEING is proud to be the first company or web site to offer a 2-Disc CD set of musical delight by pianist Marianna Rosett. Marianna created all the music for our videos and THE BACK ALIVE ADVANTAGE CD. We thought those of you who enjoy her music would like to hear the artist in her own voice. Each set contains two hours of beautiful music.

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In a century where classical musicians are not encouraged to improvise (in fact they often fear it), Marianna is that unusual musician—a classical improvisational pianist. It came about through a fortuitous accident!

As a child prodigy in Transylvania, Marianna was already competing in piano competitions by the age of 9. At the age of 10 in a competition on the radio she was well into the Kabalevsky Noveletta in the key of D minor when she completely lost her place! What to do? She did remember the ending and she knew she had to get there, or she would lose face. She did the only thing she could. She began to improvise in the key of D minor hoping to hit the final D of the written piece. She made it after a long, perilous journey, and so an improvisational musician was born.

The music in this 2-Disc CD set falls into 4 categories: piano works by Chopin, Schumann and Bach; improvisations based on those works; free improvisations in the classical style; and Marianna's own written, titled compositions.

The Art of Marianna Rosett

Marianna and I became collaborators in 1971 in the Juilliard Drama Division under the direction of John Houseman. I was wearing an orange balloon in my hair when we met. Marianna had on a paisley skirt, a pink velvet jacket and red boots. She walked into the studio, sat down at the piano and played the most beautiful music I had ever heard for a dance class. That continues to be true today.

It is the rare artist who can create music for dance. It is not enough to improvise. You must be able to create physical sound - sound that can support movement and sense its power, line and phrasing, music that can become an integral part of the dance, inspire choreography and heighten the theatrical moment. This is the palette that Marianna Rosett brings to her work with dancers.

Her work is rich, physical and endlessly imaginative. A modern dance class requires an improvisational musician to have a great sensitivity to movement. Few can create a musical fabric that heightens and enriches the dancer's work so completely. Marianna Rosett is that person.

Her skills as an interpretive artist equal her skills as an improviser. She brings dynamic and nuance to the movement itself simply by the way she strikes the keys.
— Jane Kosminsky

About Marianna Rosett

After studying in Romania and Israel, Marianna Rosett received her BS and MS at The Juilliard School in NYC, where she became the youngest faculty member in the school's history, teaching in all Divisions. Her career includes solo recitals, chamber music, and performances with two ensembles, Mannekrianna and Skymusic. She has performed in India, Japan, Canada, Europe and Africa in venues including La Scala (Milan), Lincoln Center, the New York Shakespeare Festival, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, where she was artist-in-residence, and has composed and improvised music for television, theater, and dance. For more than thirty years, she has been teaching in her New York City studio, and in master classes at conservatories and universities, specializing in teaching classical improvisation.

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