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A Life-Changing Adventure.

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After several years as a certified Alexander Technique teacher in New York City, I founded THE BALANCE OF WELL-BEING to produce pioneering videos describing and demonstrating the Alexander Technique. For over 100 years, the unique work of F. M. Alexander has provided a way to change your life by changing your posture, the way you look, sound, feel, function, and think.

The Alexander Technique is not bodywork. As explained more fully in the videos, the Technique is based on learning how to think differently about our bodies, physical habits, and the relationship between physical habits and habits of thought. "Good use" of the body, as described by F. M. Alexander, involves gradually replacing old habits of thinking that often result in unnecessary, inefficient, potentially destructive usage with more skillful and effective suggestions, a process he referred to as "direction." The principles of "good use" and direction offers performing artists—dancers, actors, musicians—a way to enhance technique and hone artistry; brings relief to those who suffer from back pain; and helps relieve stiffness and tension in the neck, spine, joints, and muscles that adversely affects the way we walk, sit, stand, speak, and even breathe.

The Alexander Technique is a truly life-changing adventure! I invite you to join this grand and life-changing journey.


Jane Kosminsky
Faculty, The Juilliard School

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